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Jinny was first published in Horse and Pony magazine at the age of ten. She’s striving to achieve equal accolade now she’s (allegedly) a grown up. Jinny obtained a distinction in an Open University Advanced Writing in 2017, and since then, has had some success with short stories and flash fiction, including publication in magazines and anthologies. In 2018 she was invited to read in a Dublin bookstore for Culture Night and in 2019 she was invited onto the judging panel for a novel contest. She is currently working towards a Creative Writing MA.

Dear Isobel will be her first published novel. She also has a series of Cozy Mysteries in the pipeline, the first of which will be released in October 2022. She is working on her fourth novel right now.

Jinny teaches English as a foreign language to people all over the world. Her home for now is in rural Ireland, which she shares with her husband; a steady stream of visitors from overseas, and far too many animals. Her two children are grown and almost flown.

Jinny quite likes to shut the door on all that, and write.

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