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I’m aware I’m overdue with blogging, once again. Often, life comes along, or, sometimes, death, and last week saw me travelling across half of Ireland, the full width of Wales, and down the length of England, to attend my aunt’s funeral. Dedspite the sadness, it was a happy, vibrant occasion, filled with love and humour.

I also picked up some new stories along the way, and enjoyed a brief run through London in the greyest rain I ever saw in the capital.

Now I’m home again, but the world is changing around us once more, and the news this week is war and anguish across Eastern Europe and Russia. Therefore, it feels wrong to bang on about my book, or anything like that, so instead, all I am offering today is love, support, solidarity, and, in the words of one of my wise young students, ‘Everyone is just people‘. The people affected by this terror are just you and me, in another situation; ordinary people, who, on their yesterdays, were living ordinary lives. My heart is with them all, not just those I know as students or friends. We need hope, love, and the certainty that spring will come again, not hate and war.

Stay strong, stay kind. If you have to choose, choose to be kind.

Photo by Andrii Omelnytskyi on Scopio

Love, Jinny

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